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About Dr Lily Amorous


Dr Lily Amorous

Clinical Psychologist

B.Psych (Hons), PhD (Clinical Psych), Grad Cert (Palliative Care), FCCLP, MAPS, AHPRA

Dr Lily's

Dr Lily has over 25 years of experience including in private psychiatric hospitals, alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres, sexual assault centres, crisis counselling centres, detention centres, youth residential centres, and private practice. 

Dr Lily is:

  • Fully registered with Clinical Psychology endorsement with AHPRA

  • A registered Medicare Provider

  • A member of the Australian Psychological Society

  • A fellow of the APS Clinical College of Psychologists

  • Registered with Private Health Insurance Providers

  • Registered with Beyond Blue

  • Is a trained Aerial Hammock teacher (useful for sensory and regulation skills)

  • And has authored books about trauma and toxic groups, and been a guest writer for psychology text books.


Dr Lily is passionate about embracing, accepting, and celebrating NEURODIVERSITY in ourselves, psychology, and the mainstream world.


Dr Lily deeply values learning about others experiences of neurodiversity, their values and strengths, and likes to 'think outside the box' when collaborating with clients to achieve their therapy goals. Dr Lily also enjoys a good dose of humour when working within a therapy context. 


Dr Lily is an advocate for appropriate assessment protocols and tools when assessing neurodiversity and provides training for professionals around reducing bias and erroneous outcomes in assessmnestt. 




When not at work.....

When not at work, Lily enjoys spending time focusing on her own interests such as creative visual arts, circus arts, and marine life conservation and photography. 

Lily has been an artist for over 30 years, exhibiting in both solo and group exhibitions. 


Lily has also performed as an aerialist in multiple circuses in Qld. She first joined the circus at 33 years of age as a means to improve chronic health issues. Lily remains passionate about training on aerial apparatuses for both physical and mental health. 

Lily also dedicates time to marine conservation, in particular turtles, rays and sharks. During summer months, Lily volunteers on 'Turtle Patrol' whereby nesting turtles and hatchlings are attended to  for conservation. 

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