Please note that fees were not increased over 2019/20/21 due to Covid. From January 1st 2022 a new fee schedule will apply.

ASSESSMENT Fees for 2022

Adult Autism &/or ADHD Assessment                                   $2150 (inc 10% GST)

This includes 3 x 50 minute sessions PLUS Report

Adult ND Diagnostic Confirmation Letter                               $180  (+10% GST)

Please note: Assessments are NOT eligible for Medicare rebates. But you may be able to claim on private health insurance dependent on your policy. 

*All reports & documentation are written in Gender Neutral language unless otherwise requested.  

Therapy Fees

Adult Therapy Session 50-mins                                                      $240 ($267 2022) 

Please note: You MAY be eligible for a Medicare rebate for 6-10 (20 for VIC) sessions if you have a current MHCP and referral letter from your GP. 

Medicare rebate for Clinical Psychologist: $128.40

Administration Fees

Letter or Forms Completed for University 

Extension/Special Consideration Requests Letter for University

Emails and correspondence that require more than 15 minutes to read and respond to


$85 (plus 10% GST)

$85 (plus 10% GST)

$85 per 15 min block (plus 10% GST)