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Sleeping for Fear of Nightmares: Toxic Groups
"There are those who do not wish to sleep for fear of nightmares.  Sadly there are many who do not wish to wake for the same fear."

Richelle E Goodrich, 'Dandelions: The disappearance of Anabelle Farchner'


It is part of our fundamental nature to form groups: work groups, spiritual groups, sports groups, student groups, social groups, even family groups—and the list goes on. Whether we come to join into these collections of people, by nature, coincidence, convenience, or choice, in most cases we have never really taken the time to look at them within the context of their inherent influence on our lives. By stepping back and doing so, it’s possible to get a clearer picture of exactly what function they are fulfilling—and whether or not that fulfillment is positive…or toxic.

This book will enable you to:

  • Identify the difference between healthy groups and toxic groups.

  • Identify personality traits that potentially feed into toxic groups including Narcissistic, Histrionic, Borderline and Psychopathy.

  • Understand membership roles and power structures that maintain toxic group dynamics

  • Understand manipulation tactics that are utilised on a group and individual level

  • Identify abuse including interpersonal violence (bullying), toxic attention (stalking), fictitious trauma, love fraud, sexual exploitation, sexual violence, and child sexual abuse/pedophilia.

  • Understand personal effects from toxic groups including PTSD, anxiety, depression and ruptures to family and relationship bonds.

  • Know what to expect from toxic group members when leaving, for example, aggressive abandonment, harassment, smear campaigns, fear campaigns, and trophy behaviour.

  • Learn strategies to enhance your physical and emotional safety after you leave.

  • Learn about recovery stages after involvement with a toxic group.

  • Learn basic tools of recovery, and the elements needed to rebuild a healthy life.


Sleeping for Fear of Nightmares: Toxic Groups


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