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Workshops and Seminars


Lily provides workshops and seminars in the following areas:
  • Working with cult survivors

  • Working with complex personalities in the workplace (e.g., those with borderline, narcissistic, or psychopath traits)

  • Working with families, friends, and partners of those who have personality disorders

  • Working with trauma and PTSD 

  • Working with victims of crime

  • Working with survivors of psychopathic abuse


Should you wish for a workshop or seminar on a specific topic, or area of expertise not listed above, please feel free to discuss this with Lily.

Lily provides workshops and seminars for:
  • Families, support groups, individuals, organisations and workplaces (government and Non governemnet)

  • Victims of crime

  • Psychology post-graduate students

  • Health care professionals (e.g., psych nurses, social workers, youth workers, support workers)

  • Professionals working in the field of trauma 

  • Professionals working in the field of personality disorders 




Please enquire at time of booking. 

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