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Soon to be released! New book about Toxic Groups.

6 July 2013

Happy to announce that my first book is being prepared for release by the publishers. The book, is about toxic groups (e.g., workplaces, families, hobby/interest/volunteer groups), and discusses how these groups can manipulate and facilitate abuse, and how you can recover.


More details will be available on my website soon. Purchase of the book will be available through Amazon and my website in the coming weeks.

Patrick Stewart talks about his work to address and prevent Domestic Violence

31 May 2013

This is a wonderful, inspiring, clip of Patrick Stewart discussing his work to address Domestic Violence. There is never any sound reason for any human being to wilfully hurt another human being, be it through physical, emotional, or psychological violence. It is vital that we address such behaviour in our world.

Partners of Pedophiles

24 May 2013

This is an interesting and thought provoking article. Often adult survivors of abuse report anguish towards the abuser’s partner as well as the actual perpetrator. I would urge partners to begin asking crucial questions should they suspect unusual or age inappropriate behaviours from their adult partner towards children and young adults.

Parents with personality disorders & the effects on children

22 May 2013

This is a useful website for people who have parents with personality disorders. It gives basic information and is a great starting point in understanding the psychological effects on children, who have one or more parents with personality disorder traits.

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